Interviewing Young Artists of San Francisco by a Young Artists in San Francisco


Dalya Assa, 19

Where are you from:

 I was born in California, but then I moved when I was 7 to Qatar, and then I moved to
Abu Dhabi. 

What do you do?

Styling, my main focus and strength is product styling. I have my own fashion blog too.

How would you describe your outfit to someone who couldn't see it? 

I’m wearing a pair of “Dungaree’s”, a white button up and white sneakers. It's very plain and everything is oversized. Everything I wear is always like 2 sizes too big.

How would you describe your style in one word  

Minimalistic. Another word though for recently would be kind of ‘boyish’. I’m infamous at work for dressing feminine but having a little boy's style.

Who are some of your icons/artists you draw inspiration from? 

I love fashion bloggers. My favorite is a girl that's more than just a blogger, she’s a huge creative, her name is Margaret Zhang. She’s awesome. She does everything from styling to photography to creative direction.

If you could choose any other art medium to pursue what would it be?

Even if I’m not good at it? Painting. I'd love to be the type of person to just sit inside and paint all day. 

Was there a moment that you could pinpoint that changed who you are now?

It was this summer. I’m very sure of myself, that’s one of my strengths and I was out my current job and I was thinking of switching to a new company . I interviewed and got the job. Everyone at my work though was asking me what I was doing with my life. It wasn’t a big deal at the time to me but then my mentor from work took me out to coffee and he asked me ‘what do you want to do with your life’, and I was like ‘shit I don’t know’. and that to me was huge because like I said I’m always so sure of myself. having someone sit down and just look at me and ask “what do you want to do with your life” was so different because I never had anyone say that to me, especially someone older. I realized I had so long and I still had so much to learn. Last year I was so confident and (this) knocked me down but I think it was better because it gives me so much more room to grow. 

What's your favorite place to hang out in San Francisco? 

Probably the Embarcadero. I love how it’s crazy but it’s also quiet. I love to go down there when my mom comes to visit. It’s open there. I feel like I’m not in San Francisco.

Why did you choose to be an artist in San Francisco? 

When I was in High school I actually decided I wanted to do fashion. I was thinking FIT but I knew New York wasn’t my type of place at all. It’s all kind of too fast for me. I love San Francisco, everyone loves San Francisco. It’s one of those cities that you can’t find a lot of bad things to say about it except maybe ‘it’s cold’ (compared to Dubai), I mean I knew I wouldn’t survive (the weather) in New York. When I moved here I had like maybe 3 long sleeves and I didn’t own a coat. 

How long do you plan on staying in San Francisco? 

I know that I want to be here when I’m older, I would love to live down in the Marina. I think I see myself here for a long time. If I get a job elsewhere I’d of course consider it but I just love San Francisco so much. I’d like to be here when the fashion scene starts to erupt. 


IG @ dalyaheleen