Interviewing Young Artists of San Francisco by a Young Artist in San Francisco

Cameron Orland, 19



Where are you from? 


What do you do?

I’m a knitwear designer which is creating garments through knits by both hand and machine, a stylist because I just love clothing, and I also have a youtube channel where I share my outfits, makeup, anything I’m passionate about.

How would you describe your outfit to someone who couldn't see it? 

I’m wearing vintage bright yellow overalls, I think they’re men's? I’m also wearing a shredded white pullover by UNIF. Sparkly ugly sunglasses I got at Haight. An S&M style choker from the lingers section at Nasty Gal. Ping pong ball earrings that are painted like eyeballs. And finally, my vans skate high-top sneakers with the laces wrapped around my ankles.

How would you describe your style in one word?

Unconventional. It’s one of those things where my friends say “Cam you wear something different all the time but when I see a garment at a store I can tell when it’s something you would wear”

Who are some of your icons/artists you draw inspiration from? 

Just random kid's on Instagram.

What song do you have on repeat right now? 

I’ve been listening to ‘Reflections’ from the movie Mulan and ‘Colors of the Wind’ from Pocahontas. I kind of lose my mind every week and listening to childhood music really brings me back. 

If you could choose any other art medium to pursue what would it be?

I really don’t know what else I would do if I wasn’t doing fashion. I would say maybe Film. To tell a story through moving pictures.

Was there a moment that you could pinpoint that changed who you are now?

I think my first semester of college really defined who I was. I thought I knew who I was before coming here but I really didn’t. High-school I was in a long relationship and that was kind of my priority at the time. Coming out here, being single, being young and pursuing art, it forced me to figure out who I was. Art is kind of a lonely experience. I’m not as Naive as I was, I’m still pretty Naive, but my experience last year really helped define my values, style, everything else. It’s not really one thing that defined me.

Why did you choose to pursue art in San Francisco? 

My mom showed me AAU and said “hey I think this city my be good for you”. I’m pretty liberal, open-minded, I like to meet new people and surround myself with artists. San Francisco is very much that

How long do you plan on staying in San Francisco? 

I want to stay in SF as long as I can. I don't know where my career will take me though. 

Youtube Channel:

IG @ camofspam